2016 Conference Profile

Hobart, TAS

21–23 November 2016

2016 Global Eco Conference Theme: Ecotourism: Fostering Innovation – Sustaining Excellence

Ecotourism: Fostering Innovation  – Sustaining Excellence focuses on the very fundamentals of ecotourism – pushing the boundaries to provide travelers with outstanding tourism experiences in a way that respects the environment, the local community and the culture of the destination.  It brings together the key players that can deliver on these fundamentals – the operators, the protected area managers the destination developers and the marketers.

With 25 years of history (as the first National Ecotourism body in the world) it is important to take stock and reflect on the growth of the industry. More importantly, there is a key responsibility to look 25 years into the future - to see how we may continue to pioneer and strive for excellence.

Ecotourism is a business and it is growing across the globe at an extraordinary rate. So how do we maintain the focus on sustainability in a world that has very unequal access to technology? What is the role of innovation in overstepping limited access to technology?

Importantly the theme explores how new players are taking a critical role in developing ecotourism - bringing economic, community and environmental benefits.  

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